Shun the Din. Break the Clutter. Stand Out.

In today’s over- crowded, hyper- competitive world, the only way to get noticed is to break through the clutter and noise. In other words, one needs to stand out. You need to tell the world you are different and possess some great life skills. To do this, you need to market yourself and market yourself well!

SMS College talks about certain tips and tricks to help you shine through scores of people:

  1. Be confident and sport poise. Have a personality that naturally catches everyone’s attention. Be yourself and do not attempt to ape someone you are not. This will go a long way in helping you to be truthful about who really are, making you comfortable about yourself. You naturally become a more confident personality which helps you to be at ease, especially in a crowd.
  2. You don’t crave for attention. Doing activities that grab eyeballs, do not make you the apple of everyone’s eyes. In order to really get noticed, you do not deliberately indulge in practices which get you attention. In fact, doing something for others’ eyes may get you negative publicity. You never do anything to become the talk of the town in a wrong way. You steadily pave a way for yourself by staying energetic and focused, not by being fake, negative and grabbing attention in a wrong way.
  3. Life with a Purpose. Life your life as though you are following a purpose. Do not be aimless and clueless about things happening around you. When you are pursuing a keen interest in an activity or following a passion, which is when people sit up and take notice. It is your responsibility to learn and ascertain your goals and objectives in life.  You should want to make changes and live life as per your dreams and ambitions.
  4. Listening above Talking. People who are keen listeners are often ones who aren’t doing much of the talking. Listen to what others are saying as much as you can. Reciprocate with reasons. This way even if you talk less, you will speak only what is required and what is apt. People start respecting you more over people who get into meaningless long drawn conversation with no sense of direction.
  5. An attitude of gratitude. Try and be as humble as possible towards life. Rude and haughty personalities do not go a long way in getting a positive picture in peoples’ eyes. Never fear failures, rather learn a lesson from them.


At SMS College, we try and inculcate all the above mentioned habits to make our students well versed with traits which can lead them to a more positive place in life.


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