Successful Student Pyramid

What makes you a successful student? No matter at what stage of student life you are,  given that you follow a few tips, should make your journey smooth and hassle free. A lot of students feel that this is the only time when they can let their hair down and enjoy themselves. Spending time on leisure and not doing anything productive can lead to adverse affects on the years to follow. A student life should ideally be well balanced with a mix of both work and fun.

Let us look at the pyramid to understand a student life better:

The foundation has to be rock solid and very strong. As long as you have spent ample time studying for your course, attending classes regularly, making notes and being in constant touch with professors, it is absolutely alright to pay attention to other areas.  Along with arriving at a good academic routine, a student should also concentrate on eating right, getting a good  sleep and indulging in some amount of recreation which could include making new friends and hanging out with them socially.  You won’t be able to achieve much if you d not look after yourself. And student life does get quite boring without new friends.

After you have taken care of the academics, a student may decide what to do next with the time at hand. You may decide to look at the part time job – both for the experience as well as the extra money it brings.  Alternatively, a student may even decide to concentrate on networking and building better family ties but spending more and more time with them.

Last on the life pyramid is partying, indulging in over drinking and getting involved in loose company. While this is a pattern many students who are not very serious tend to follow, it does not lead anywhere.

So choose wisely!


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