How Swami Vivekananda Saved Himself From Foreign Ladies, Who were trying to Blackmail him | Great Presence of Mind

Once, Swami was travelling in a train. He was in his own nothingness…

Two foreign ladies who were sitting opposite to him started commenting on his clothing. Then after a while, they noticed an expensive watch around his wrist (probably a gift from one of his disciples)

They decided to play with him and one of those ladies went close to him and said “give me that watch now, else we will call the police saying that you harassed us.”

Swami pretending to be deaf, gestured them that he cannot hear. Then they tried with gestures and finally understood that he is not getting a thing they are trying to say. Then he politely gestured them to write whatever they want to say on a paper and give. The ladies wrote everything on a paper and gave it to him.

Now, Swami calmly spoke, 

“Call the police now”


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