The Changing Role Of Women

We are living in the era where now women are playing diversified roles.They are not restricted to the the role of HOUSEWIVES only but are stepping towards diversified areas.The position and status of women has risen incredibly in the 20th century. Women can now match up their footsteps with men. With the rapid increase in the education system women are entering in every field.Nowadays women are known for their work and not because they are someone’s daughter or wife,they are creating their own identity.In the past few years women like Mary Kom,Indira Nooyi,Deepika Padukone and many more has gained significant achievement in different areas.
Earlier we have seen women have been relegated to secondary position despite the fact that they numerically constitute about half of the world’s population.The situation has caused immense loss to their self-dignity as human beings.If you will find some examples of “SHE ACHIEVERS” in past few years the result will come in abundant.But still the same number of examples and incidents will come when women will be considered as weak or unequal.

It is the need of the hour to ensure participation of women in decision-making at home, in community and at national level too.Empowernment of women needs to begin with the participation of women in different spheres of life.India is in the beginning of the realization of the need.The government is also taking initiative to enhance the position of women in the society.THE NATIONAL MISSION FOR EMPOWERNMENT OF WOMEN (NMEW) was launched by the Government of India on International Women’s Day in 2010 with the aim to strengthen overall processes that promotes all-round development of women.Hence women are not behind men in the race of achievement and progress.
I think women are foolish to pretend,they are equal to men,they are far superior and always have been-William Holding

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Shikha Barua
MBA-II Semester


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