The Untold Story of Rural India

 I think its suffocating for Indian farmers to live in current scenario, where middle men are leeching out all the profits from the market and the farmers are getting nothing but a duck’s egg.

Yes I am talking about the farmers who contributed more than two third in the country’s GDP during independence which has contracted merely just around two fifth of GDP today. Now who is responsible for this catastrophe?

Well I am not claiming or criticizing anyone, but someone will have to take the responsibility cause if the conditions of farmers remain the same they will be compelled to leave farming and will go for business and service jobs as most of the small scale farmers have already migrated to. Discussing about the different causes of frustration for farmers first one that comes in my mind is the ever-increasing cost of labor.

Since the implementation of different programs like MGNREGA, NREGA and Indira Awas Yojna, the efficiency of labors has considerably gone down and now their demands are increasing every day.

All these programs have been a total failure. In MGNREGA the money that comes for some productive work is distributed among the corrupt officials, and the case is same for Indira Awas Yojna. All these programs were methods of politics to woo the voters. These programs could have been successful if they would have provided built homes in place of cash money.

The illiterate labors never got to the efficient utilization of the money provided. But in turn it led to the physical sickness and laziness of the labors. Now they are getting grains at just 2Rs. Per Kg. So why would anyone work if they can have food for free.

This has increased the demand of labors in India and the most suffering category is the category of farmers. Now they have to pay more to labors. Talking about how much the farmers are getting these days for their grain production. According to some of my relatives price of wheat 5 years ago was 1200Rs Per Quintal and now they are getting 1400Rs Per Quintal if they are lucky.

Corruption is such an ubiquitous thing that I saw officers of FCI asking farmers for money in order to buy their crops. What government is doing nothing but decreasing the subsidy on fertilizers and seeds. The cost of production for the farmers is increasing but what they are getting is stagnant.

In such case farmers who do farming on large scale are surviving cause they don’t have other option, but small scale farmers have already given up. And the time is not far away when middle level farmers will also dump their work as soon as the Break-even point is reached.

Most of the farmers are insisting theirs progenies to go for service sector jobs as the scenario in deteriorating every day in agricultural field. In such situation a large number of farmers have either sold their fertile land or they have built some structure that can earn them some rent money. And this way we can see that a large amount of fertile land is being converted into residential area or market.

So, finally concluding it’s quite obvious that the condition of the middle farmers and the small farmers are worst and any move by government to make their condition better is backfiring. Government should think more extensively and the process of thinking should be for more sustainable development of farmers. The government should think of all round development.

Targeting one segment of society will do no good. Although the initiative taken by Modi government to provide small homes to the poor’s rather than giving them money is a nice move. From the middle and small farmers point of view policies that could motivate them to go for farming should be formulated and cooperative societies for the welfare of these farmers should be established.

Rural India should be provided with good and standard education facilities and other facilities due to lack of which the farmers are on verge of disposing practice of agriculture. If necessary steps are not taken pretty soon, the scenario is going to be pitiful.

Contributed by

Satyam Anand

PGDM III semester


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