Time Spent Studying on Various Majors in College

So how much does an average college student study ? In other words how many hours per day go into preparation for a class or a project in a management course ? Studies show that an average student spends 17 hours in a day preparing for a class the next day .(source: SMS College, Varanasi)
This time varies and changes as per the specialisation that a management student opts for .

Let us have a closer look .

Engineering ,: A student of engineering roughly spends about 19 hours studying . The course is rigorous which saps a lot of mental capabilities from each student . These students are more likely to live on campus or very close and are likely to spend very little time commuting, because of the large amount of time spent in studies and course material.

Math,computer and physical science: here students end up spending hours approximately 18 hours per week . Even though this number is lesser as compared to engineering students , it is high enough to not motivate students to participate in extra curricular activities. These students are also less likely to work while studying .

Health : students specialising in health put in almost 17 hours per week studying . One third of he students opting for this specialisation also work towards community and volunteering themselves social work.

Education: students majoring in education spend about 15.8 hours of studying per week . These students do a lot of work in the teaching space as a part of their curriculum .

Communications : spending 15 hours of study per week , only one fourth of the students majoring in communication work while studying .

Biology,agriculture,natural sciences: these students spend 18.4 hours studying every week . However, contrary to students of other specialisations, 73 per cent them find time to participate in extra curricular activities.

Social sciences: spending 16 hours a week on studies , a majority of these students become a part of school bodies doing
Government or other developmental work .

Arts and humanities : these students do not tend to work . Most of the time is spent in socialising and leisure activities. How we they do put in about 17 hours of time studying for the course material.

Business these students spend about 15 hours studying per week . They spend a lot of time in working for pay other than whiling it away elsewhere.

Social services : here is where the students spend about 14 hours of studies . These students spend a considerable amount of time reading.



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