Tips to crack an interview for an admission to a Business School

Getting admission in a good business school has become extremely difficult. No doubt our country has seen a sudden mushrooming of colleges offering education in business management, the good institutes only remain a few.

Like every business college, SMS college also seeks students who come with a certain attitude and intelligence level. The college has its own procedures and processes to select its candidates, which requires the aspirants to undertake a written test followed by a personal interview.

The personal interview judges the students applying for the course on their confidence levels, language skills- apart from basic academic knowledge and specific skill sets for a chosen field of interest. SMS college also conducts a Group Discussion for all the students applying to the programto assess thestudents’ ability of talking and conducting themselves in a group or a crowd.

Nevertheless, here are certain tips that you should keep in mind when applying to SMS College:

  1. Dress Well: Study shows that large percentage of people applying to the college, get rejected because of bad dressing sense. No one wants to speak to you at length if you are dressed sloppily specially for a management course interview. So, take care – review your clothes before you step out for that interaction with the interviewer.
  2. Formal Body Language– Body language plays a very important role in a PersonalInterview. Droopy shoulders, dragging feet are all indicators that you are not serious for the course or the position that you are talking about. Before entering the interview room, straighten your shoulders, smile, and tell yourself that you can ace it – see what a big difference it makes to your confidence levels.
  3. Study the Intent– Everyone has the same syllabi and has studied the same subjects in high school/graduate school. Before going in for the interview, try and understand what the college wants to know from you. Simply vomiting academic knowledge that you may have crammed will not work. Applying that very knowledge to the current scenario and coming up with problem solving solutions is what will make you stand apart.
  4. Research– Study well about the history of the college that you are applying to, the placement record, salary brackets and a few top companies where the alumni have been placed. This will go a long way in giving out the message that you have taken the pains to know well about the college.
  5. Be honest – Be as truthful about your accomplishments as you can be. Because sooner or later your qualities and attributes that you bring to the forefront will be visible to all. Even the slightest mistake, with respect to false achievements, can give out wrong signals to the interviewer and bring a question mark on your integrity and morals.

All the best!


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