Tips for Creating an Effective Power Point Presentation

PowerPoint presentations are an essential tool for creative projects in College. PPT’s are often the primary ask from most college students as a way to showcase what they’ve learnt through classes and also to explain their assignments better to an audience of teachers and students. However, many students do not have the knack to deliver a god presentation, distracting and sometimes boring the audience with too much text or irrelevant material.

SMS College talks about a few tips to effective deliver and create a Power Point.

  1. Minimise the number of slides. No one wants to sit through the long presentation. To keep the message clear and simple, stick to the minimum number of slides required. You need to keep the audience attentive and interested in what YOU are talking and not how long and complicated the presentation really is. Use a clean and straight font (for instance, Arial) which is easy to read from a distance. Usage of lesser colours makes the presentation lighter on the eye.
  2. Keep the text short and less heavy. Too much reading material on the slides of a power point takes way the essence of what YOU are speaking. You must lay emphasis on what you talk, keeping the text on the slides in the form of bullet points which you can elaborate while speaking. Try to keep your sentences short and preferably in a single line.  You want your audience to listen to you rather than just read what is written on the slides.
  3. Pictures speak more than words. You can make use of ample graphics and pictographs to tell your story. This, not only makes the presentation more interesting, it also serves as a conversation starter, if you are to run short of words. However, do not overwhelm your audience by using way too many graphics on a slide than required.
  4. Consistent Slide Background. Make use of subtle colours when making the background of a slide. Also use one font, one logo size (if using one on the header) throughout the presentation. This gives a certain character and consistency to the document. The theme that you follow should be appealing but not eye catching enough to detract the audience from your words and concentrate only on what you have done with the PPT.
  5. Research well. The content that you put up on the slide should have been well researched, with facts and numbers cross checked, in order to avoid embarrassing questions coming from the audience. After you’ve finished making the power point document, check for font errors or grammar errors. You instantly lose credibility from an audience’s view point if the slide you’ve put up is marked with flaws. Spelling errors tend to me plenty and common while typing. Running the whole document through a ‘spell check’ function works in your favor.

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