Tips To Deal With Stress And Anxiety

Scenario: You have got admission in a prestigious business school offering management education. You have also managed to get through the course of your choice, with the desired specialisation.  Rigorous studies, frequent presentations, finishing study material on time, deadlines on projects can all lead up to a lot of stress, leading to anxiousnessand feelings of frustration.

Students, across colleges, go through the same feelings and emotions. SMS college faces nothing different with its students. Certain tips that the college gives to its students to deal with stress, forms of depression and a negative approach:

1. Eat Healthy: A Healthy diet forms a healthy mind, body and soul. We have all often read these lines, but seldom do we implement them. Eating healthy, lightly cooked meals on time, brings forth a positivity in our personalities. Eating junk food, irregular meals just leads up to irritation and lack of concentration. Drinking plenty of water and consuming ample fruits is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

2. Follow a routine. Following a pre-decided pattern of routine helps bring about a structure to the day. Setting study patterns and keeping time aside for yourself, helps in bringing a balance to the day.

3. Do Something that you love. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. SMS college strongly urges all its students to take time out daily – to do something that they truly enjoy doing. It could be any form of activity – like reading, singing, dancing, playing a sport or an instrument. Doing this, diverts your mind away from studies and helps you to get back to the course material with greater levels of concentration.

4. Calm yourself down. In such a stressful environment, as that of a business school, it is imperative to calm yourself down at each stage. Students can achieve this, through meditation, yoga or any other forms of exercise or activity. SMS college has a special wing where the students can read a book or just sit peacefully.

5. Self-Introspect and Talk. Each time a student feels the lack of focus, they should try and self- introspect. In other words, they should look within themselves and try to understand where they are going wrong. Talking to friends and family or anyone that they can rely on is always a good idea. SMS college has a counselling cell within the college premises, which continuously tries to motivate its students in such times of need.


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