Tips for Delivering an Effective Power Point Presentation

As we spoke about ‘creating an effective power point presentation, ‘delivering’ the presentation is equally important. Most of the students, who join graduate or post graduate college, have little or no work experience. The exposure towards public speaking comes mostly from the debates and forums that the student participates in while in school.  So it gets extremely important to know and imbibe the nuances of public speaking. We, at SMS College, regularly hold activities, workshops and discussions to make students more confident and comfortable when talking in front of an audience.

Lets us help you discover a few tricks and tips to deliver an effective power point presentation.

  1. Be Punctual. The first and foremost rule to making sure that a presentation is effective is starting and ending on time. Respect the value of your time as well the audiences’ effort of sitting through the presentation. Being punctual is a mark of discipline which goes a long way in ensuring that your audience stays engaged.
  2. Test the Equipment. Make sure that all your equipment is working fine. Disk Failures, Battery drainage only go on to prove that you have not paid attention to detail. These things allow the audience to lose interest in the presentation and get distracted easily.
  3. Carry your own gadgets. It is best to carry your own laptop, computer, or any other gadget where you have stored the final presentation. This is because you never know the specifications of the other gadget that may be for use, marring your chances of putting up a great show. Software mismatches or low memory on another device can ruin possibilities of a great delivery.
  4. Do not simply Read the presentation. Simply reading out the text from the slide distracts the audience. Make sure that the text written on the slide is minimal and you elaborate on the points mentioned on the power point. The txt on the slides should only be a cue for you, rather be enough for the audience to read through what is being discussed and talked about. Practice the presentation ample number of times before going on to present to the audience finally. You should be able to read the bullet point and talk confidently about the material under each head.
  5. Gauge the Audience’s behaviour. While delivering the presentation, try gauging the audience’s behaviour. Constantly try and monitor their reactions, in order to alter the way you are delivering the concept. If you feel the people sitting in the room do not look as interested, then try improvising to come up with interesting anecdotes or another way of getting your points across.

In addition to the above points, do try and tell your audience to put off all the questions till end. This will help you to remain focussed on the content on the slides and in your mind. Moreover, questions coming from the audience are a great indicator to show that they are interested in the content being talked about.


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