Tips For Effective Communication

Communication is an important part of our everyday lives. To be able to communicate well translates into being able to connect well socially with other people. Hal the battle is won if you are able to collect your thoughts and put them together in the form of a dialogue to another person. The way you communicate- both verbal as well as with your body language, speaks volumes about you as a person. The body language should be in sync with what you are talking. Being pleasant with someone with words and maintaining a defensive body structure (like crossing your arms, while talking) sends out very wrong signals to the person you are communicating to.

SMS College has a dedicated faculty which aims at teaching students the art of communicating well. We help your explore a few tips and tricks which could improve the way you reach out to others and help you in making your communication skills more effective.

  1. Listening is Vital: The first and foremost way to attaining good communication skills is to listen. You can communicate well, only and only if you are a good listener. You need to let the person finish what he or she is saying, in order to communicate your thoughts better. It won’t serve any purpose for you to talk, unless you know what the person in front of you wants to speak/ talk or is thinking.
  2. Empathy and emotions: In order to be able to get heard, you need to develop a softer side your personality. Empathy and emotions go a long way in assuring the person talking to you, that you are taking a keen interest in their conversations. This way you will be able to understand their problems better and be able to communicate in an appropriate manner.
  3. Keep it short: Keep your conversations short but clear and concise. This is true, both for verbal as well as the written word. Brief talks are often more effective than long drawn monologues. ‘Brief’ is in fact an acronym for Background, Reason, Information, End, Follow up.
  4. The 7C’s. A Very important factor to be kept in mind is to follow the 7C’s of communications – Concrete, Clear, Correct, Concise, Coherent, Complete, and Courteous. If practiced well, these 7C’s are the key to start and end any conversation well.
  5. Silent Language. Your body language is something that should speak what is on your tongue. Body language or the silent language talks as much as the spoken word. So, ample care should be taken that the body language is in tandem with what you are speaking and does not communicate anything negative.

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