Tips for Being a More Productive Student

The number of hours you spend studying should ideally be directly proportional to the results that you achieve in the end. Do you feel that the amount of time you end up spending on academics is not reaping you the benefits as desired? Do you feel that you are not achieving success and results as compared to many of your counterparts? SMS College explores certain tips to help you in being more productive in various walks of life, especially when one is studying.

  1. Smart work over hard work. This is deemed true, especially when one is studying for theoretical subjects. Long course materials and tedious research papers can often end up getting too monotonous, leaving little motivation to study towards the subject. In order to improve efficiency and productivity, it makes sense to smartly pick and choose the relevant topics and maybe skim through the unimportant ones. This way you end up broaching the subject in a more planned manner.
  2. Quit the Lethargy. You need to brighten yourself up. Give up laziness and lethargy. Motivate yourself. Keep yourself sharp witted and observant. This will help you to be answerable to yourself. Quit being laid back and making excuses for inefficiency. All these personality changes will help you to take your productivity and efficiency one notch higher.
  3. It is best to plan how you are going to carry out a certain activity. Planning for your time between academics, leisure, recreation or whatever else that interests you, helps you in better time management. This way you do not feel stagnated or disoriented. You tend to follow a pattern you’ve set for yourself, thereby improving your own efficiency. Prioritise well and eliminate the useless tasks you might have set for yourself.
  4. Focus long and hard on the task at hand. Focussing on the important activities helps you to eliminate the unimportant stuff you might have planned for. Keep yourself fit and healthy to focus on studies better. You are in college for a certain purpose and ample care should be taken that you do not end up defeating the same.
  5. Follow a calendar. Write things down. Set alarms and reminders on tasks so that you don’t miss deadlines. Make a chart for yourself. Break down your day into clear parts – marking hours of study and leisure. This helps you achieve a balance, motivating you to work better.

At SMS College, we would like to see all our students as smart workers so that they are more productive and efficient in whatever activities they choose to undertake. We strongly encourage our students to become smart performers in life.


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