Tips and Tricks to survive the Freshman Year of college

Once you enter college, you are starting life on a  clean slate. New friends, a new routine and an overall completely new environment. You are bound to take time to adjust to the surroundings and at some points in time, feel pressurised with the massive change that college has brought in.
SMS college brings to yu a few tips and tricks on how to survive the first crucial months in the college:
1. To Orientations and New Beginnings: We, at SMS college, strongly urge all our students to attend all orientations and seminars that the college organises. These talks are all for the benefit of their students and the college takes pride in making each of its students feel at ease by giving detailed campus tours.
2. Organise, Organise and Organise: College life brings with it a myriad of activities and a very different routine from what you have been used to . SMS college encourages its students to oragnise themselves better, in orde to ease out the pressures of college life. Buy a calendar, get an organiser, take ample notes in order to prepare yourself better for all pending and upcoming assignments.
3. Attendance 100 percent:  Let that not be a bookish phrase or a clice. Attending as many classes as possible, only helps you get to the goal faster. In the end, you will realise that the hard work put in the first year of college will pay off in the upcoming years by means of the study material. You will be better attuned to handle to study load. Spend as much time as you can with the course teachers and professors. This will help you to be well prepared on the assignment due dates and other activities.
4. All work and No play makes Jack a Dull boy:  Not just a statement, it is true. Do not spend your entire time in making notes and studying. Set aside designated hours for recreation or doing anything else that you may like doing. It could be pursuing a hobby, playing a sport, an instrument or just plain strolling to calm yourself down.  It is imperative to set a baance in order to avoid getting totally frustrated with the study load. You must enure that you eat right and stay healthy. A healthy, young, and an active mind is the key to a consistent, successful academic life.
5. Prioritize:  A big problem that a lot of students face is that they do not know what to prioirtize. It is easy in school,  but in college the work load is a lot to handle. Giving yourself dealines and sticking to it, works in many cases.

SMS college advises all its students in the freshman year to not just be another number passing out from the college. Make your mark, get good grades. Take advantage of all the teachers and professors, leverage on the network of students. Have a loft of fun learing and being a part of the fantastic journey of college life.


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