Top 20 Websites and Apps that Provide Best College Hacks for Students

Life in college can be tough. You have probably left your nest for the first time to stay with strangers. If you have chosen to study abroad, you might face the cultural shock too. Besides studies, there are so many other things that you need to monitor yourself now – such as money and time.

Here are some of the websites and apps that can make ‘living on campus’ easier for you:

1.       Ice Cream Apps

This web-based software seeks to help you complete your homework quickly and smoothly. It allows you to make slideshows, convert video formats, split and merge PDFs and capture screenshots easily.

2.       Flvto

This website allows you to convert any video (including lecture or presentation videos) to mp3 format, download it, and listen to it on the go. It does wonders for your data plan savings.


Just feed URL of any video to Flvto and enjoy your MP3:



3.       Rate My Professors

This is one website that all past, present and future college students must visit. If you are already enrolled in a college or have recently graduated from one, rate your professors here. If you are going to enroll in a college and still deciding about the courses you are going to take – read the reviews and real-life experiences about various teachers first.


4.       Mint

Mint is a great tool to manage personal finances. It is available online – for free. As a college student, you will find it incredibly useful for making a budget, track expenses, create and managing financial goals, monitor your credit score, and set up alerts for late fees, bill payment reminders. It can also warn you about going over budget in a particular category. However, this might work only for you if you are in the USA or Canada.


5.       Study Blue

Study Blue allows you to create instant paperless flashcards, revision notes, and formal study guides. It also allows you to compare your notes with your classmates and validate them. Try it!


6.       Study Hall

An excellent website for students to get in touch with hackers, hustlers and social media influencers on college campuses, Study Hall helps can help you find the perfect job that you can do during college years, and help network with people who can get you started on your startup idea.


7.       Copyscape

Most college teachers scan your assignments or papers through Copyscape to check for plagiarism. You must opt for their premium services and see if the essay (or things you have picked up from net and re-written) will stand up to this test or not. Copy-pasting issues can seriously affect your academic grades.

8.       OpenStudy

This social networking community is focused on bringing like-minded students from across the world together. You can join study groups of your choice and enjoy the camaraderie of your friends where you can discuss your ideas and ask your queries freely.


9.       The College Investor

Founded by Robert Farrington, who is America’s Student Loan Debt and Millennial Money Expert, The College Investor helps students to pay off their college debts and build some real wealth for the future. It shows you how to earn more money, save some more bucks, how to invest, and how to escape the education loan net.


10.   College Tips

You can find all sorts of college tips here – about living on campus, studying, partying, planning, health, and money. They even have advice for budget fashion tips for girls and guys. If you need guidance about anything, consult this site first.


11.   Hack College

This site goes a step ahead of offering you college tips and tells you about real-life college hacks invented to overcome various situations. There are some excellent guides out here too that carry practical tried-and-tested tips for you.


12.The Skimm

Subscribe to this site to get the summaries of all the top new stories around the world in your email on a daily basis. The touch of humor makes it the best and most refreshing way to know something about everything happening around us.

13.Google Scholar

After using school library databases, it is such a relief to be able to use Google again! Google Scholar works exactly like the popular search engine but only turns up credible sources in its search results. Hence, you can easily use them to write your papers.


Summer jobs and internships are a part of college life. With Internmatch, it becomes much easier to find opportunities that match your interests and career goals.

15.Keep Me Out

If you just cannot keep off your phone because you want to read just one more FB post or check out an Instagram message, you must use this website. It can lock you out of all the social media sites you are addicted to for the length of time you set – so that you can study for your test or complete that long-pending assignment in time.

  1. Student Rate

College students love this site because it certainly offers you best deal and discounts for just about everything you need to buy – from clothing to computers to textbooks and more.

  1. Transtutors

This hush-hush website can save your ass on a multitude of occasions. It can offer solutions to all your homework questions, explain a particular pain-point of your study topic in detail, and can even help you with your research paper. The answers are worked out by a community of qualified experts on the TT panel.

  1. Bibme

Most professors have a preferred writing style for citations and bibliographies, such as MLA, APA or Cambridge – and they are very particular about them too. This website will help you compile sources in the proper format easily.

  1. Roger Hub

Whether you study or not, this website will certainly be your best friend around final exams. It can calculate the scores you need in the final exam to get your desired grade. It uses your current grade for calculations. Scores can be computed as points, percentages or weighting.

  1. com

While Google and Wikipedia are still in use, Ted Talks win you over with excellent videos that talk about most complicated topics in the easiest manner. This site is an excellent reference source. You can use it to get new ideas for your upcoming paper, or just to pass the time. The sheer variety of topics available on the site helps it engage students of all kinds of interests and preferences.

Do you know about some other websites that college students must know about? Share about them here.


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