Top 25 Apps For Teacher Suggested By Teachers!

New age technology does a great job to add ‘fun and interest’ to regular classes. It enables teachers to teach tomorrow’s skills today. It is not an ‘add-on’ anymore but has been integrated into school and college curriculums seamlessly. After all, education apps help us to share knowledge and information freely, communicate efficiently, and build open-source learning communities that can keep students engaged and entertained at the same time.

Here are 25 awesome apps that all teachers must try:

1.      LightSail


This e-reading literacy platform allows teachers to monitor their students’ reading outside the class – in real time and in great detail. They can see students’ per-page progress as well as students’ performance on assessment tasks spread throughout the texts. They can also chat with students through note-taking features of the app.

Students can read books from digital libraries directly on their devices. As the students progress through a book, questions pop-up to evaluate their comprehension level – which may range from multiple-choice questions to long-answer questions.

2.      First Then Visual Schedule HD (FTVS HD)


FTVS HD is an awesome tool for teachers who help students with a broad range of abilities. Teachers can assist in scheduling daily activities for their students (with the help of parents) – using text, pictures, audio clips, and even videos. Customized visual and auditory apps can be created for any child using this app.

Kids with any learning or developmental issues or those who are facing language, hearing or processing problems can benefit from this app. There are ‘Choice Boards’ for kids too, where they can choose task rewards according to their preferences.

3.      Duolingo


Duolingo is a great language learning app to set daily homework to students, or assign them activities for extra credits. Teachers can also engage students by creating class competitions in the game show formats or spelling bee-style competition formats using app content.

The app has 64+ lesson themes packed in an easy mind-map layout. These include themes like transportation, sports, money and much more. Instant feedback and mini-lessons are also provided to kids at appropriate moments to aid learning.

Students can learn English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and German using the app.

4.     The Land of Venn – Geometric Defense


This is a great app to teach kids about geometric shapes. In this fast-paced game, kids use principles of geometry to defeat an evil wizard called Apeirogon and his monsters known as Bookkenriders. The game has 30 levels to complete and 12 abilities to master and is quite addictive.

5.     Keynote


Keynote is an excellent app for teachers to create class presentations as well as a presentation that can be viewed by students on their devices. With the help of this iOS-based app, users can create slideshows easily using different themes, fonts, animation and transition styles and/or incorporate texts, charts and images in your phone gallery.

The presentations can be shared or viewed in different formats such as PowerPoint, PDF and many more.

6.     My Video Schedule


My Video Schedule is a great app – both for personal use and for classroom teaching. It helps students with adapting to new situations and maintaining schedule in a more consistent manner. It includes photo and video modeling which means that you can show autistic students 100+ videos or pictures of activities like getting on a school bus, eating lunch, etc. and make them understand about their schedule better.

The app also has an in-built rewards system for students who adopt suggested behaviors and complete their scheduled activities in time.

Teachers can schedule tasks and events for special kids using Admin Mode.

7.     Vyclone


Teachers can use this video app to create opportunities for students to collaborate and do teamwork on projects related to whatever they are studying in class.

Students can use it to create videos to showcase how things work or identify and record plants during a nature walk. They can film their subjects and blend shots to come up their visual stories. The app also allows them to do basic editing of their videos and add audio to it.

They can also watch videos created by other students and share their videos.

8.     Todo Telling Time


An excellent app for teachers who teach tiny tots, it has six mini-games that challenge kids to understand time-telling concepts and develop related skills. Teachers can view calendars which show the summary of kids’ play each day.

Bright colors add festive designs of the screen keep the kids glued to the game.

9.     Evernote


Evernote is an excellent app for both teachers and students. Teachers can share assignments, reading materials and study resources through it while students can use the app to research for an upcoming paper or project, make notes or checklists, snap images or record audios.

This is a very versatile app which can be used by teachers for lesson planning, classroom management, and instruction. It is relevant both for school education and higher education.

It has a cloud-based storage system too.



Use this app to create digital KWL charts for your students that capture what students Know, Want to Know, and Learn in class. This can then be used to create relevant assignments for students in a history, science, social studies or English language class.

WeKWL is one of the several collaborative apps (such as WeMAP, WeSketch, WeWrite and more) that you can use to make your class more interactive and engaged.



inClass is a digital alternative for students to traditional methods of taking notes, scheduling activities and assignments, and organizing their school and college life. Teachers may want to tell their students about it as it is incredibly useful in creating separate organizers for each term, adding contact information of instructors, noting down due dates of all their assignments, and making their notes more efficient by adding audio, images, files, and drawings to them.

Students can also share class notes with each other using this app.

12.SAT Word Slam


If you are a SAT prep trainer, you will find this app very useful. Teachers can focus on the ‘word of the day’ while taking an individual student’s class, and also create custom playlists for students from the word bank. This vocabulary learning and testing app is based on the book by Jodi Fodor.

The app has options like ‘Teach Me, Test Me, Playlist, Index, and Test Results’ for students. The Teach Me section uses interesting poems and mnemonics to help students remember the word.



Go paperless with this app. Students can collect and submit assignments through the app while teachers can grade assignments directly through it. Teachers can select tools for students to spice up learning styles. Teachers can also access the learning styles students choose to decide whether they should give feedbacks in writing, or as typed notes or voice recordings.



An excellent app to create new math fans out of your students, Mathemagics app shares easy math tricks and shortcuts with middle school and high school kids – helping them to develop new mental math skills and increase their speed.

These Math Tricks are divided into six categories:

  • Casting Out Elevens,
  • Casting Out Nines,
  • Divisibility,
  • Perfect Squares,
  • Standard, and
  • Turbo Boost.

Kids can Learn the Tricks, Practice them, or Play with them.

It is a great app for those who teach Math to students in second through sixth grades.

15.Common Core Quest


This is a teaching and assessment tool based on Common Core Quest standards. Teachers can find videos using it and relate them to each specified standard – and use them to teach their class. They can use it as a pre-test tool to help each student individually and offer them customized instruction.

Students can use the app to work through the curriculum at their pace and ask for teacher’s help whenever required.



This app is designed for teachers and therapists who deal with kids with limited or no speech capabilities. Such teachers can choose the category of communication a child fits in (such Core Word (kids who can combine words and make sentences); Basic Communication (children who communicate in one word); or Blank Vocabulary) and offer extensive customizations using a multi-size grid format.

Students use the Typepad to type in words or combine words to form sentences – and the app speaks them out in a youthful voice.



This media-creation mobile app opens up unique opportunities for digital storytelling. Teachers can ask kids to create a class Fotobabble where they have to add a literary quote and passage as a narrative to their photo and create a ‘talking photo’. Fotobabbles make language learning classes enjoyable and can be shared via email or social media too.

18.Globe Smart Education 1


A great app to give global exposure to kids, teachers can use stories and games incorporated in the app to help students explore lives of kids in other countries, engage in dialogues with virtual children, and learn numbers and phrases in different languages.

The same developer offers a free app called ‘One World Kids’ with the same theme. Globe Smart Education 1 includes Teacher Guides though, which is not available in the free app.


19.NPR News


A great app to help your students develop daily news reading habits or to encourage them to hear its audio content too. NPR News app allows kids to create a playlist of articles that they want to download and read later.

20.Mobile Observatory


One of the best apps to incorporate into a lesson plan on astronomy or space exploration, this app can be used in the daytime too to observe and explore the skies. Teachers will have to guide the kids as they point the device at the sky and see a sky map along with labels defining the constellations or stars visible to them.

The app also allows kids to choose a planet or object in the Solar System and find its location in the sky.

21.Cuba’s Days: The Cuban Missile Crisis


This exciting political game allows students to learn the lives and histories of different characters in the most unusual manner. Teachers can help kids to see how different decisions would have led to different outcomes, and compare results they reached in the game with real-life consequences of a similar situation.

From time to time, kids study the actual decisions made by President Kennedy during the crisis and get to see the real-life situations that happened at the time.

22.Google Maps


Use this app creatively in the classroom to enliven just about any class. Add local business information to basic Math problems or lead your students to geography-based scavenger hunts. Some of the interesting things it includes are information about traffic, Wikipedia links, direction to nearby services and several other things that students will love to learn about.

23.Project Noah


This social network allows teachers to set up a classroom account and get kids started on observing their environment and recording them too. This crowd-sourced online database of plants and animals across the interactive world map is turning into an enormous field guide for kids.

Teachers can encourage their students to click photos of any new animal, bird, insect or plant they see and upload it on the app along with its species details. If they are not sure about it, they can click on ‘Help me ID this species’. Some of these photos might be valued as scientific data too.

24.PicsArt – Photo Studio


If you are an Art Teacher, you can use this app to motivate students to use different forms, colors, composition, and framing techniques to visually express themselves. Students can use this powerful photography, drawing and image editing app to participate in thematic contests and share their artwork on Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, or the PicsArt website.

Students may add captions or callouts to their works too and create memes that are so popular these days.

25.NASA App


Teachers much share this excellent app with their students and help them learn about basic astronomy facts as well as big space missions. It has some amazing videos, photos, live feeds and updated information that kids will love.


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