Top 5 Money Saving Tips For Students With Statistics

Top 5 money saving tips

The new session of college is about to begin. Other than deciding on the best college for themselves, students also are faced with the task of looking for accommodation, if they do not happen to live in the same city as the institute of their choice. Cost of living by on your own can get expensive, sometimes getting unaffordable if expenses aren’t cut down.

A couple of things to keep in mind, to keep cost of living to the minimum.

  1. Public Transport: Use as much public transport as possible. The state of public transport like buses and metros has improved a lot over the years, specialty in bigger towns and cities. This mode of travel keeps the travelling cost to basic, allowing the students to budget for other expenses.
  2. Go out on student nights. A lot of cafes and evening hang out joints regularly organise student nights and evenings – with attractive offers on food and drinks. Ensure that you are aware of such evenings and try going out only then to have fun at reduced prices.
  3. Ask for Student concessions. A lot of malls, outlets and restaurants offer student discounts, upon presenting a valid student identity card. This cuts down expenses drastically for students, who are already on a shoe string budget.
  4. Cook your own food. Cooking your own food has dual benefits of cutting down on expenses, as well as letting you eat healthy home cooked meals.
  5. Shop at flea markets and bargain stores. We all love to sport the latest trends especially when it comes to fashion. To keep shopping expenses low and to a minimum, try shopping at flea markets and bargain stores. Not only can you buy lots of things by spending lesser money, you also get to look fashionable and trendy.


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