Planning today for good grades ahead is the best way towards a healthy, fruitful and successful life ahead. So making quick smart moves while you are undergraduate can result in qualified as well as skilled graduate.
To achieve grab your pen and note down the following points:

1. Your first stoppage should be your School Administration Office-Don’t end your college career without taking advantage of the assistance you can get through your school – from resume help to alumni networking, your campus career services is a great way to jumpstart your job search, from the first year to last.

2. Be an active class Participant –Make your presence known to professors by engaging in class discussions and debates. Professors often have tons of connections – from colleagues in the field to former students – and if you establish a positive relationship with your teachers, they can become valuable resources in your job search later on.

3. Reach out of your fixed interaction group: Don’t limit yourself to professors that you have classes with. If there’s somebody in your department who you think might be able to offer career advice or help you land an internship or a job, Maintain a healthy relationship with another department as well.

4. A Linked In Account is a boon -LinkedIn is a great way to stay in touch with professional contacts, so make sure you make an active effort to keep your profile updated. Setting up a personal website is another good addition to your online presence.

5. Recent graduates can act as path-guider- Job searching these days is a whole new process rather than dropping resume at every office, just a click is required, in accordance with time, talking to people who are fresh into the work world can bring a whole new perspective to your job search. Here’s how to connect with your college alumni network. In addition, LinkedIn has a tool which users can use to access employment information for alumni from their college.

6. Networking events, a blessing in disguise- If your college offers alumni networking events, make an effort to attend – and be serious about it. Dress the part, and carry a few resumes with you too, because you never know who you might encounter. Keep your eye out for profession-specific events or job fairs in your area, too.

7. A serious internship is a step ahead- An internship gets your foot in the door – and even if it doesn’t end in a job at that specific company, it can connect you with other opportunities, as well as serving as a reference source in the future.So, even if you are unpaid, don’t just treat your internship as a resume filler.

8. Informational interview, a smart way- Want to connect with someone at your internship, a professor, or even someone in your field that you admire? Request an informational interview to find out about what they do and how they got there. This can even take place via e-mail or on the phone. Either way, establishing contacts – and maintaining them – creates valuable connections when it comes time to launch your career.

9. Social Media, a quick connect- Do you dream of working for a specific company? Make a point to follow them on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. Not only does this imply your interest in a future opportunity, but it’s a good way to keep track of job openings.




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