How Do Top Students Study?

How do top Students Study?

  1. Whenever in class, do not care about the board. Barely even look at it. What you should be focusing is on writing down everything you can grasp from what the teacher says. This is not for notes, but rather for memorizing. It doesn’t matter how messy the notes get, because whatever you write down, by time you learn to etch it onto your mind. This comes into later use when you come to the exam, for your writing speed would have drastically increased, leaving much more time for revision.
  2. When you try to memorize a passage after having understood it, highlight keywords and stress them while reading aloud a paragraph.

    Having memorized the first, memorize the second, then repeat them together. You go to the third, repeat all three and so on. This might take an hour, but it will save for any hefty revision on exam days. With this method, you can learn Morse code in 20 minutes(if you memorize each three letters together and repeat everything you’ve learned.)

  3. Watch YouTube videos, on 1.25 speed.

    With time, once you’ve gotten used to this pace, challenge yourself by increasing it to 1.5 and eventually 2. This will increase the speed your mind takes in things and, without you knowing, train your mind for learning things quicker. Once you’ve gotten used to this, go back to normal speed and you’ll feel like it’s being played in slow motion – that you’re not learning enough per moment.



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