Understanding Business Communication

Communication is one of the most fundamental and critical requisites for the progressive and harmonious interaction, survival and development of humanity. It is generally described as the exchange of information between two or more parties using previous agreed symbols. These symbols include but are not limited to words, gestures and artistic presentations. It is important to note that human life in any of its forms is dependent on communication as either a way to help in taking advantage of opportunities or fighting against threats. Every human being interfaces with his or her environment through the sensory mechanism (five senses) which captures information. The sensory mechanism then passes this information to the brain which subsequently processes it and sends a responsive command to the various body parts for a relevant action to be taken.

The above scenario describes a situation where communication is taking place on a personal level. However interaction, survival and development in business call for cooperation between and among various individuals who have different backgrounds, hopes and aspirations. Therefore in order to have a progressive and harmonious interaction between and among these parties it is important for them to understand the nature and complexities of business communication and be equipped with communication skills.

For better understanding of same,we are hereby uploading the series of presentation pertaining to business communication,which will focus on its various attributes and features.

Understanding Business Communication and its Features




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