What are the career aspects of a BBA?

So where does a degree in Business Management and Administration land you? This is a question often faced by students graduating from a BBA course and students who are about to begin the course. Both the sets of students find themselves sailing in the same boat.

Your career can take various directions after a BBA. You can either choose to study further or start working immediately. A lot of students prefer getting a substantial work experience before embarking on further courses to enhance their educational qualifications. This serves the dual purpose of getting hand on work related knowledge as well as theoretical aspects of the stream of specialisation.

After a BBA, students can opt for various courses for further studies such as – an MBA, MCA (Masters in Computer Application), PGDM ( a degree course in management), Digital Marketing, Social Media Management, Banking and Finance. Other unrelated subjects of study such as Fashion, Information Technology, Operations, and Merchandising are gaining steam. A BBA prepares you for business management and administration – thereby helping you to choose from a variety of subjects and fields of specialization.

Just so that student wants to work immediately after finishing a BBA course, many doors are open for fresh graduates of business management. Starting salaries may not be comparable to an MBA or a post graduate candidate, but they are commensurate with industry standards.

Scope of BBA – The course manages to get you headway into many entry level job opportunities. A lot of backend work, operational and logistics functions end up recruiting management graduates with little or no work experience. BBA graduates can land up satisfying jobs and pursue professions such as sales and marketing, social media management, digital marketing (which requires a good hands on knowledge about the specific web tools) operations and finance.

A lot of colleges have now started encouraging its BBA graduates to pursue a work model, since a work experience before an MBA always comes in handy and helps the students to grasp practical concepts better.

SMS College has an extensive BBA course, spanning a period of 6 semesters. BBA graduates are at their free will to take up jobs, albeit the college takes it upon themselves to educate the students about the greater number of job opportunities after an MBA vs. a BBA.  The college helps its students in every which way to land a job opportunity of their choice and interest, if the students so wish to.


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