Why You Should Do A BBA Course

Most established universities in India now offer BBA or Bachelor’s in Business Administration courses. Similar to an MBA, a BBA degree aims to equip an individual with knowledge of the various aspects of business such as product and distribution, sales and marketing, operations, human resources, financial management, international trade, and strategic planning.A BBA gives graduates the opportunity to be employed as entry-level employees in big corporations, including MNC’s. Industries hiring BBA graduates include retail, banking, pharmaceutical, FMCG, BPO’s, and financial services. A BBA degree holder can also capitalise on his education to drive an existing family business or start a new one.

BBA Admission – Top colleges and Entrance Test

More and more students these days prefer to enrol for a graduate program that gives them important skills they can implement right away in the work place, rather than study an undergraduate program that is based on pure academics. This would explain why courses such as BBA have become popular with students who have cleared their 10+2.A full-time BBA degree is for three years,

What you will learn

In order to be part of an organization one needs to have proper set of skills and knowledge.
BBA teaches you that extra skills which will help you to properly handle and manage the operation of business in a corporate firm. It teaches you concepts and principle about how a corporate firm functions, the challenges that are faced during the handling of operations and how to overcome them effectively.

The reason why this degree stands out from the rest is the fact that it is very flexible and allows one to specialize in plenty of areas for their further study.

Apart from this BBA also strengthens your other skills such as managerial, decision making, analytical and communication skills that are a must in today’s scenario.

Further studies

Usually after completing their BBA students often opt for an MBA (Masters in Business Administration) for their further study which is of two years.
MBA allows aspirants to specialize in diverse areas of business such as finance, human resource, marketing, accounting, organization behavior etc.

Doing an MBA not only strengthens your core skills that u have learned but also helps to place yourself better in the current job market, which often calls for quality professionals.

Career opportunities

Career prospects after a degree course in BBA is often bright. One can expect to land an entry level managerial jobs in banking, finance, I.T, FMCG, sales, marketing, and retail. However if one does an MBA from a top level b-school that is recognized by UGC and AICTE after his BBA, then chances to land better job opportunities become much higher.

SMS, Varanasi offers an in-depth three-year BBA programme for students which includes practical managerial and communication skills in the form of presentations, industry visits, projects, internship which will help you to become an industry oriented professional.


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