The talk about the growing need of the women in the field of management and leadership has found its way on the most followed upon panels. There is a growing curiosity that people generate when t it comes to see how, actually, the female section of the society is presenting themselves when it comes to taking the stage and pulling it off with respect and dignity.
The role of women when it comes to leading is not something that is unknown. Considering the fact that it is the women who make home the place to live in, it can be very easily understood how important women are in efficiently taking the role of leaders. It is due to their phenomenal contribution on the area of managing the household so well that they have began to be called the HOMEMAKERS instead of just HOUSEWIVES.
Though, it should not be thought that the role of women is confined to just the domestic chores. There are companies and even Government that are showing a lot of interest in setting gender balances in the workplace. In order ti deal with the increasing number of female customers, more number of female employees are in demand.
Women of today are considered to be an untapped resource that have immense potential when it comes to decision making and right form of leadership. Still in a country like ours, the major challenges that women face are their literacy rates , which is 64.46% as compares to 82.14% of the males. The obsolete cultural faith and practices have also resulted in the failure to make women  reach to a place they actually deserve.
Nevertheless, there are role models like Indira Nooyi, CFO of Pepsico, Naina Lal Kidwayi,Group General Manager and Country Head, HSBC,India and Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, CMD,Biocon, who have proved how capable women are in the corporate world.
It is high time that our society understands the values of women and help them in making society and corporate grow for better.
Contributed by
Lavanya Pandey
MBA II Semester

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