Workshop on Android Mobile Application Development


SMS Varanasi is organizing a workshop for MCA-IVth Semester Students on “Android Mobile Application Development” conducted by (an educational division of Vaskoe Technologies Private Limited) from 3rd to 10th March 2014.

Detailed Content:

1) Introduction :

  • Intro to open source .What is open source?
  • License Issues (MPL, GPL, LGPL, etc.)
  • Contrasting and comparing open source vs. traditional development

2) Mobile Application Development Overview :

  • Mobile Devices Profiles
  • Mobile Software, Options for development

3) Targeting Android -The Big Picture:

  • Introducing Android, Stacking up Android
  • Booting Android Development, An Android application

4) Development Environment:

  • The Android SDK
  • Building an Android Application in Eclipse
  • The Android Emulator, Debugger

5) User interfaces:

  • Activity LifeCycle, Creating the Activity
  • An Overview of User interfaces, Using XML Layouts
  • Selection Widgets, Date and Time Tabs
  • Using Menus, Dialog Boxes, Using Resources

6) Intents and services:

  • Working with Intent classes
  • Listening in with broadcast receivers
  • Building a Service
  • Performing Inter Process Communication

7) Storing and retrieving data:

  • Using preferences, Using the filesystem
  • Persisting data to a database
  • Working with ContentProvider classes

8) Networking and Web services:

  • An overview of networking
  • Communication with server socket
  • Working with HTTP, Web Services

9) Telephony:

  • Telephony background and terms
  • Accessing telephony information
  • Interaction with the phone, Working with HTTP
  • Working with messaging SMS

10) Graphics and Animation
11) Multimedia
12) Location Services:

  • Simulating your location within the emulator
  • Using LocationManager and LocationProvider
  • Working with maps
  • Converting places and addresses with Geo Coder

13) Introduction to Architecture overview of Android kernel internals
14) Final Project


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