You are worth as much as you believe

What do you think of yourself? You are good for nothing? Even a nincompoop would look intelligent standing beside you?

Did you encounter these questions ever in life? If not you are lucky citizen of Mars else welcome to our good old world.

So, what do you think of yourself? Have you ever given a thought to this oft repeated question? Probably not, and now when you have started thinking about this question, are you coming up with answers? Probably yes probably no, but then what answers are right? Well, no answers are wrong or right, it’s your perception about you, it’s your self-image. Remember if you don’t look good to yourself how can others like you? So to have others like you first you need to like yourself. Do you like yourself? Now probably you will answer, YES of course I like myself. Well chances are you are saying this, those of you who did not say this I will speak with in a while.

Now back to our discussion, what makes one stand apart from the group of people makes him or her stand out and noticed? Any guesses? Correct. Attributes; the attributes or characteristics, your character inventory. The list may have attributes like, Honesty, Sincerity, Courage, Positive Attitude and well Hard work if you like, most of you invariably write these nice looking words in your Bio-Data; well, to be “honest” you don’t really write these attributes you find them mentioned on the CV template which you download from the internet or which your senior might have given you.

All these attributes are not just words, they are emotions so like every emotion they are supposed to be felt and believed not copied and written. So if you copy them they are words but if you feel them after evaluating yourself, they become belief.

Let me share with you one incident, which happened while I was interviewing some students who were going for IIM selection, and it was a mock interview which their institute had organized to prepare them for the final interview at IIM. There was this smart IITian who definitely knew his subject well, was also well versed in current affairs, had his point of view, precisely everything which an interviewer would look for in a student either for selecting in an institution or hiring him for a job. While wrapping up the interview I asked him. How will he describe himself, he mentioned all the attributes mentioned above and few more. He emphasized on the word honesty, which made me ask him, do you really believe that you are an honest person. He said yes, I asked him why does he feel so, he started thinking of some instance some anecdote which he could tell me to demonstrate this attribute of his. I asked him, if he listens to music, he answered in the affirmative. I asked who his favorite singers are. He gave me a list of singers, some of them I also liked; then I asked him if he purchases CDs, DVDs or listens to radio, he almost immediately said sir, who buys CDs or DVDs these days, I download it. I further asked him, so you download it from itune or or other sites which allow you to download these songs after you pay for the songs, which is really very cheap about Rs. 5/- a song. He gave me a nerdy looked which almost said are you nuts? And then went on to tell me about number of sites including from where these songs can be downloaded free and any computer user worth his mouse would know this.

I asked him, don’t you think its piracy. He looked at me trying to look for words to justify his act, but couldn’t say a word. I asked him, don’t you think its stealing, taking someone’s copyrighted material without paying for it. It’s like shoplifting in a shop; in a physical shop if a person shoplifts he will be arrested and prosecuted for theft, in online environment it may not be easy to be caught but its theft anyway and can anyone ever call a thief an honest person?
Honesty is absolute, it cannot be partial, it defines your attitude, and honesty is not an absolute attribute, it comes as a result of other attributes such as courage, responsibility, ownership of one’s behavior and many more.
Think about it, leave your comments and opinion. I am absolutely subject to be modified, corrected, and amended because I am living. So always be ready to change, amend, correct yourself if it is warranted, it will save sure you from becoming a dinosaur.

Bye for now.

Contributed by

Shri K.K. Bajpai
Associate Professor
SMS Varanasi


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