Youth Entrepreneurship and Economy

Which nation doesn’t want to achieve double digit growth and which youngster doesn’t want liberty? No two questions can be as far from each other as these two. Yet, they have a strong common linkage. The need of young people for independence is what drives the entrepreneurial spirit in a developing economy. And in a country like ours, there is no dearth of determined and talented youngsters. With a healthy proportion of the population belonging to the age when dreams are still fresh, India needs to utilise its demographic dividend in the best possible way to drive economic prosperity. Entrepreneurship is also the way forward as far as inclusive growth is concerned. It empowers decision makers to contribute in a big way to the lives of those seeking employment at the grass roots level.

This article focuses on important facts like where from youngsters derive encouragement, what factors make them choose entrepreneurship, their choice of location, source of seed capital, perceptions of society about young businessmen and many others.

Students of entrepreneurship, general management, HR and Marketing will benefit from this article.


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