Is Coding Harder Than Math?

Coding is nowhere near as difficult as maths. Absolutely nowhere near.

Coding is a pretty standard thing. You learn the bits you need, you learn the techniques, and you’re away. Maybe learn new stuff as it develops, too.

And then there’s mathematics:

For reference – in a physics degree (which is what I studied and is considered to be the closest you can get to mathematics without actually studying mathematics), the amount of maths learned only just scratches the surface of the ‘serious math’ level in the above image. And that’s already a bloody lot of maths.

Coding, on the other hand, I taught myself in about 4 months, then landed myself a job as a junior developer. I’ve a lot more to learn, but it’s nowhere as difficult as some of the maths I had to grapple when studying toward my degree.

Contributed by Stuart Aitken, China-Based Programmer; BSc Theoretical Physics


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