Who and what will make news in year 2014?

1. Janet Yellen becomes the chairperson of the US Federal Reserve on Feb 1.Once the Senate confirms her name next week, she will become the first woman to head the fed.

2. This is the year of the taper. The world may see a cut of $10 billion with every fed meeting this year. As the taper gains momentum, the markets, especially of the fragile five-India, Brazil, Indonesia, South Africa and Turkey –are set for a reality check.

3. Trust Russian president Vladimir Putin to do the impossible. He made the world wonder and worry about a winter Olympics. With the Sochi Games set to begin on Feb 5, and with two bomb blasts wracking southern Russia, concerns are mounting.

4. For Afghanistan, it is an election year, it is a drawdown year. After the presidential elections in April which will see 11 candidates fighting it out, Afghanistan has to prepare for NATO troops leaving the country after 13 long, hard, bitter years.

5. Will Scotland become an independent country? The referendum on September 18 will decide whether the Saltire will fly high and away.

6. Who will replace Steve Ballmer as Microsoft CEO? That is the first big Succession question in the corporate world.

7. EU gets a banking union –however complicated and weak- to tackle its doddering banks. 2014 will serve as a stress test for the banking union even as it goes around, tapping the banks on their knees.

8. Get ready to change the way you see with Google Glass, which could retail this year. And wearable technology will come and perch on your nose.

Contributed by:

Shobhit Maheshwari






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